Chicken Caesar Salad

written by: Don

This is a really simple and "quick and dirty" recipe. Most of the recipes I came across for the dressing inculdes an egg, or just the egg yolk, but they never turned out to be what I was really looking for. This recipe here is without eggs and definitely my favourite caesar salad dressing.

1/2 clovegarlic
2 tablespoonfresh lemon juice
1 tablespoonDijon mustard
black pepper
1/3 cupextra virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoonhot sauce
150gchicken breast, cubed
pine nuts
parmesan cheese
3-4little gems / heart of romaine
garlic bread croutons

Wash the hearts of romaine and cut/tear them into small pieces. Let them drain to get dry. Now cut the anchovies into really little pieces and squeeze them in a large salad bowl into a fine paste, then add pressed garlic to it. The amount of garlic to add really depends on the personal taste and whether you have an rendez-vous the next day. For a serving for two, I usually use half a clove, which is already quite intensive, since it will be consumed raw. Add a little bit of salt if you want, but bear in mind that the anchovies are quite salty anyway. Now create a paste out of these three ingredients, then add freshly grounded black pepper, the lemon juice, the mustard and the hotsauce. Mix it into a smooth paste, then add the olive oil. One third of a cup might sound like a lot, and it definitely looks like a lot, but you really need it to make it tasty! Besides, olive oil is not harmful towards your body weight anyway.

Now that you have got the salad dressing done, the rest of the recipe is like a walk in the park. Fry the cubed chicken breast in a pan and season it with salt and pepper, when it is done, add the salad into the salad bowl, mix it well and serve it onto plates, put the chicken pieces on top and sprinkle pine nuts, sliced parmesan and garlic bread croutons over it. Add some black pepper if you want.

Serves two.



Amelia wrote on 16 February 2011:

I look forward to tasting this dish when I am your guest. I do want to participate in preparing it together with you.

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