Chinese Rice Noodle Soup with Grilled Duck

written by: Don & Don's Mama

This is a really tricky dish, as it is next to impossible to get all the ingredients if you are not living close to China-town or in south-east Asia. But if you do, then you are in heaven!

1/2Chinese grilled duck
1Chinese preserved vegetable (Tsa Choi)
1 packChinese salty-and-sour vegetable (Ham Suen Choi)
100glittle pak choi
3 slapsrice noodle
peanut oil
soy sauce
spring onion

From the above list of ingredients, the grilled duck is certainly the most important one and most difficult to get hold of. It costs just about 10 for a whole grilled duck in Hong Kong, but I paid about 7 (also ca. 10) for half a grilled duck in China town in London. Just to give you an impression of how precious a grilled duck can be. When buying it, ask the grill master to give you a semi-fat one. Also ask him to separat the meat from the bones for you, but tell him that you want to take the bones with you, just not the sauce. It all sounds like a whole long list of special wishes - and it is! A good grilling shop should offer all these services. If they refuse to do so, then you can either go to another shop (if there is one), or you just have to accept you fate.

First thing to do is to get a big pot of water boiling and to add the bones of the duck as well as the coarsely chopped preserved vegetable. This should give a very delicious base for the soup. Meanwhile, cook the rice noodles in another pot of water and make sure that you remove them just after the slaps have loosen up and the noodles are just beginning to get flexible. Rinse the noodles thoroughly under cold running water and set it aside.

Now rinse the salty-and-sour vegetable and squeeze it as hard as you can to get rid of the excessive sour juice, then chopped it into fine pieces.

Hammer the garlic into bits and pieces with the flat side of your biggest knife (or use you hand) and chopped the garlic. Finally, if the grill master has not done so, chopped the duck meat into fine slices. Now you are set for some frying action.

Heat some oil in a frying pan (preferably with a thick base) and fry some of the ginger first, then add the s&s vegetable. Add a bit of sugar so it turns golden brown-ish, then remove it from the pan. Now fry the garlic, the rest of the ginger and the duck meat. When the meat is reasonably warm again, return the s&s vegetable and get the heat going, then add soy sauce to round up, but don't let it get bruned (which happens easily once you have added soy sauce).

Meanwhile, for the sake of multi-tasking training, remove whatever is in the soup (throw it all away) and add the little pak choi into the boiling water. Cook them until they are 'al dente', then serve them into as many large bowls as portions you are cooking. Reheat the noodles now in the tasty soup but remove them as soon as they are ready (not too hard, not too soft). Remember that they will keep on softening while soaking in the soup lateron. Serve the noodles into the bowls on top of the pak chois. Exactly at this moment, the duck meat and the s&s vegetable should be ready and served on top of the noodles. Now just simply sprinkle chopped spring onions on top and add as much of the boiling tasty soup as you like into the bowls. Finally, dinner is ready, and you deserved it.

Serves 2.



Amelia wrote on 16 February 2011:

I am pleased : you got my message intimately.

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