Rhubarb Cake

written by: Birgit's Mama

Deliciously light and not too sweet, this cake is perfect as a dessert or for afternoon seduction - and it is Mark's and Dinah's favourite cake!

3 tablespoonstarch
1 packvanilla sugar
1 teaspoonbaking powder

Wash and peel the rhubarb, cut the stems into pieces of about 2cm length and mix them with the starch in a bowl.

Mix the flour with 100 g sugar, vanilla sugar, baking powder and a bit of salt. Pile it onto a kitchen surface. Add the butter in flakes and make a hollow space in the middle of the heap.

Separate the egg yolks from the white but keep the whites in a fairly big bowl. Now its time to get your hands dirty. Set into the hollow the egg yolks and start making the dough by kneading the flour pile with your hands. When it is smooth throughout, take a round baking form and butter it. Spread the dough over the base and the sidewalls of the form to form the base of the cake, then pierce the base several times with a fork.

Returning to the egg white: beat it with a kitchen machine thoroughly until it is whipped. When the body is reasonably firm, add the rest of the sugar. Fold in the rhubarb carefully into the whipped egg white and do not let the whipped egg white collapse.

Fill the entire rhubard mixture into the base in the form and bake the cake for 60 minutes at 150C on the lowest level.

At this point, the hand-written version of this recipe says: "Don't let it get burned!!!" Quite a good hint actually, fairly general and useful really...



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