Spaghetti Vongole

written by: Don

This is my absolute favourite pasta dish. I almost always order this when dining out at an Italian restaurant, but it is just as easily made at home. The only tricky thing is to get fresh clams, which might not be easy at all if you are not living in a big city or close to the coast. But if you do, then you ought to try this recipe!

2ripe big tomatoes, chopped
1small onion (optional)
2 clovesgarlic
white wine
fresh parsley
black pepper, freshly grounded
olive oil

Clams can be bought at many wet markets in the world, I personally get them from the Borough Market, but some big super markets offer them too. They should be reasonably fresh and can be kept up to three days in the fridge. You can also tell whether the merchant is selling good quality clams by checking whether there are any open clams in display (those are off!). If they don't have the clams in display at all but in storage, don't buy from this vendor.

Cook the spaghetti al dente in boiling water. Meanwhile, wash the clams thoroughly under running water and throw away the open ones. Heat olive oil generously and add the clams. Leave them in the pan with a closed lid for about 10 minutes, stir once in a while, then throw away the closed ones - they are off, too!

You will find some clam shells completely opened and the clam meat already detached. You can keep the empty shells in the pan for an exotic/Mediterranean look when serving or remove them altogether. I personally like to keep about half of them as decoration.

Now add the chopped garlic (and onion, if you like) and let it develop a short while, then add the chopped tomato. Also add a little bit of white wine to form the sauce. Add salt if you like, but mind you, the clam sauce is already quite salty. To round up, add awefully lot of chopped parsley and a bit of black pepper. Some people like to add some crushed dried chilies, too.

Simply stir in the spaghetti and serve while still hot. Now I am getting hungry!

Serves 2.



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